The elegant and delicate Château des Gimarets wine comes from the Gamay vine varietal. The vine grows in a pink granitic sand soil where grapes benefit from an optimum sunlight.

The whole lot of Château des Gimarets vineyards is located around the Château des Gimarets itself.

The soil is very homogeneous, typical of the 'Moulin à Vent' appellation. It is made of pink granitic sand, due to the decomposition of pink granit. These soils on the hill are rather light, poor and acid, typical of the Château des Gimarets area.

The vine is cut in the 'low goblet pruning' style. The planting density is high, 10 000 vine plants per hectare, very beneficial to the quality of a great wine. The average age of the vine is 45 years old.

Moreover The Château des Gimarets uses a traditional and nature-conscious method until the hand harvest.

The result: the Château des Gimarets wine is a French wine of exception, an emblematic wine of Beaujolais and a typical estate-bottled wine of Moulin-à-Vent.